We are Legend

In the glimmer of the firelight

and the glowing of the coals

In the raspy voice of old ones

a story soon unfolds.

A tale of ancient heroes

who stood upon their ground

who loved so hard their lovers

and never made a sound.


These silent folk of legend

of many years gone by

that people idolize today

had lives like you and I.

Another generation

who lived within their times

and death to them was just the end

of life’s unfinished rhymes.


The mystery of a legend

holds our hope and sorrow

our minds can never understand

we’re legends of tomorrow.


We build our strong foundations

we etch them in the stone

we live our lives with purpose

for children yet unknown.

We’re legends of the future

our stories will be told

around a blazing fire

by children now turned old.


Peter Kuhn  Dec. 3, 2016

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The rain, it knows

The rain, it knows
It mimics life
The tears of joy
The tears of strife

In passing bands
Of pause and starts
The rain, it knows
Our broken hearts

The sky will clear
The winds will blow
But yet the rain-
The rain, it knows

And in the clear
Of azure blue
The rain, it knows
I think of you.

~Peter Kuhn

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Not your typical yarn

I just spent 2 1/2 hours untangling and rolling a skein of yarn for my wife. I know, it sounds futile when it is so easy to just go buy another skein at the local big box. It is not a special crafted yarn just a common store bought one but it is special to my wife who is knitting for our second Great Granddaughter Rayna.
Doing something as tedious and mundane as this task was gave me lots of undivided time for reflection. I found that in all the mess I had in front of me that I had nothing but a series of twists, turns, and loops….no knots! No knots unless I got impatient and pulled too hard and didn’t let the yarn unwind as I worked it. Of course, I, in my philosophical way of thinking, had to analogize this task in some way to correlate with life, and yes, I did.
You see, as I followed the yarn I came to realize that it is nothing more than our path in life, full of twists and turns, loops and tangles. Our knots come when we fail to allow our life to flow, when we push and pull too hard against what is before us. Everything will work out with patient diligence if we just relax and let it untangle, then we can roll it up into a neat little ball and tuck it away where it belongs.
Another thing I also learned while grossly absorbed with my endeavor, it was a goal! Sure, I could have gone to the store and replaced the yarn but my wife picked this yarn, this skein, for her Great Granddaughter, she picked it with all her senses. She picked it with her eyes, her fingers, the brush of it against her cheek…it was this skein of yarn she wanted to pass on in the family!
And one more thing that I took away from this experience, the most of all for me. I realized how much I love my wife. All from a twisted, jumbled skein of yarn!!!

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To know when to invoke silence is a wisdom lost on words. ~Peter Kuhn

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When you don’t take the miracles of life for granted you are granted all the miracles of life ~ Peter Kuhn

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Friends and Flowers

People are like flowers. When you throw a load of crap on them some will grow stronger, others will briefly show their true colors and fade away. ~Peter Kuhn

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Autumn leaves

The Maple tree holds fast
Against the summers grasp
Her leaves
Become her modesty.

In hues of red and gold
In Autumn she’s disrobed
In nakedness
We see her honesty.

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