We are Legend

In the glimmer of the firelight

and the glowing of the coals

In the raspy voice of old ones

a story soon unfolds.

A tale of ancient heroes

who stood upon their ground

who loved so hard their lovers

and never made a sound.


These silent folk of legend

of many years gone by

that people idolize today

had lives like you and I.

Another generation

who lived within their times

and death to them was just the end

of life’s unfinished rhymes.


The mystery of a legend

holds our hope and sorrow

our minds can never understand

we’re legends of tomorrow.


We build our strong foundations

we etch them in the stone

we live our lives with purpose

for children yet unknown.

We’re legends of the future

our stories will be told

around a blazing fire

by children now turned old.


Peter Kuhn  Dec. 3, 2016

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